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eBay member: twri6388, United Kingdom


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RASPBERRY PI 2, MODEL B 1GB & 8GB NOOBS Edition (2147483647)

Member wrote in resolution centre:

The board I have received is not working. When I try and load it with the supplied SD card, it goes into a continuous loop. There is no output to the HDMI (black screen) and the power and ACT leds just flash the same, then reboots and does it again. I have experience of PI s and have many already, I bought one from you a few weeks ago that has no issues.

Any other comments from the seller:

The eBay member received the returned item on a Monday, the refund / replacement item or any acknowledgement has nto been received. This ebayer perpously dragged this out to be annoying. I have now escalated to eBay who have given me a refund but I am out of pocket £4.40 because this ebayer is shipping faulty goods. Not impressed. You have been warned.

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