New Additions to the Bad eBayers Hall of Shame

Everyone who contributes to our website will benefit many other people by warning other people against a potential scam by untrustworthy eBay members. The more people we have involved, the better the results for us all. Please take the time to signup today and add your bad ebay members.

Complete Reports

Complete reports are a full report containing complete transaction information added by individual users.

#eBay UsernameFirst NameLast NameMembers CountryAdded
1stpraeinstein90johnsmithUnited Arab Emirates22/02/2018 18:21
2ndtestpetehhyBelgium22/02/2018 15:30
3rdtwri6388TinaWrightUnited Kingdom22/02/2018 12:13

Quick add reports

Quick reports are when a user simply adds an ebay username to the system without any supporting transaction information.

#eBay UsernameMembers Country*Added
1staalindsayNot set22/02/2018 18:49
2ndsoundstudios2014Not set22/02/2018 18:21
3rdtestUnited Kingdom22/02/2018 17:23
4thjimurniNot set22/02/2018 13:47
5threlicrecords2014Not set22/02/2018 13:47
6thjamesUnited Kingdom22/02/2018 09:21
7thnsNot set22/02/2018 09:21
8thvintagesound2015Not set22/02/2018 09:21

* When entering a "quick add" ebay username to our system, where possible, we use the users ebay location as the location for the quick add users.

eBay users who have chosen to rip someone off need to be reported so other people can benefit and hopefully not be ripped of too.

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