How do I remove my eBay username from Bad eBayers

Easy, to report a bad ebay member, you have to signup, once you signup you will need to verify your ebay username and account, this is simple to do and will require you to log into your ebay account and past a small piece of code into your ebay profile page, once this has been done we will check and make sure your ebay account is yours, when this is done, you can post a report about the bad ebay member.

This is so that one person does not register many accounts on our website simply to report the same bad ebay member multiple time. This would defeat the objective of this website. We allow only one bad vote per account on this website.

If you are allowed to vote for a bad ebayer many time, this would produce inaccurate results against a member and wouldnt be based on how many people the bad ebay member has ripped off, it would be based on the amount of times one person has reported the bad ebayer, this allows the system to be abused and for some people to be treated unfairly by allowing the artificial inflation of negative votes towards a member. We want a fair and accurate system, not a playground of petulance :).

This is currently a work in progress and in the meantime, you can not remove yourself as a bad ebay member. This will change shortly. You will soon be able to register a removal request, this will then be sent to the person who added you to allow or deny. There may be alternative ways to get yourself removed, for example, by refunding the ebay member (through this website) the amount they see fair to clear your name. This will be following shortly.

Read the FAQ.