More Information about Bad eBayers

Bad eBayers has been setup to try and help the honest eBay selling community around the world.
We understand that on eBay there is a great rating facility to help buyers and sellers choose who they trade with, this, over the past few years has been improved on and adapted to a great system we know and use today, but how about going a little bit further and warning other people about potential bad ebay members? Well this is what we wanted to do, lets improve on their system and allow people to share their problems and views of other ebay members on an easy to use website: this is the birth of

Who We Are

Bad is owned and run by Untagged Limited. Untagged Limited is a hard working and creative company based out of the beautiful city of York in the United Kingdom. We work on website projects, custom programming, servers support and our biggest market (at the moment) is high speed digital inkjet printing services.

Untagged owns many premium domain names, like the one you are browsing today and we build on the idea. The key is a good, strong and generic keyword domain name. How did you find this website? Was it using Google? Did you type "bad ebayers" by any chance and we showed up in the search results? I hope so :)

We are always looking for valuable people to contribute to our projects either with their skills or financially. If this is of interest to you, please contact us stating what you can offer us, we are looking forward to hearing from you and potentially meeting with you.